Hemp is Transforming Building and Construction Rapidly

Compared to other raw materials that are widely used in the construction industry, hemp has achieved a rapidly evolving demand. The latest industry reports and findings show that hemp has started gaining a limited but consistent demand in the construction industry across the world.

From building high-quality thermal walls and fiber insulations to wooden floors and interior fixtures, hemp has been extensively used in for several discrete building and construction purposes which have resulted as a strong and cost-effective raw material.

Once successfully planted and ready to use, Cannabis Sativa has been cut down to pieces and left to completely dry after which it has been used to manufacture “Hempcrete” which is a strong block like a brick. The woody core of hemp crop called the hurd is the main source of this tough fiber. It is used in manufacturing these large-sized insulation bricks. Mixed with a lime-based binder, these bricks are then attached into the walls to provide more strength and mass stabilization.

Next, to hempcrete, hemp is also used in manufacturing “Batt” which is a semi-rigid sheet of insulation. It is made up of hemp fiber which is strongly bonded as a solid sheet. These sheets are easy to manufacturer and can be provided in any size which makes it the perfect choice for several building and construction experts around the world.

Hemp has started to gain considerable acceptance in the mainstream when it comes to wood care products. From stunning finish and details of the wooden interior to providing the best polished wooden outlook on residential and commercial levels, hemp has been identified as one of the most active and effective ingredients for wood care and stain resistant polishes.

According to the industry experts:

“Hemp seed oil is helpful in providing a protective and resistive coating which helps remove stains on wood exposed to the sun.”

It is undeniably true that the uses of hemp have been rapidly increased and the constructions industry has started to show an incredible demand for hemp. Most of the construction experts consider it as a key ingredient for several decorative fixtures and products that are used for house building and construction purposes.

While exploring the various uses of hemp in today’s construction industry, it can be easily said that hemp is a unique raw material that not only provides unique and helpful uses but allows plays an important role when it comes to reducing costs. Industrialists and construction companies have continued to research more about hemp and expect to discover new uses of hemp within a short span of time.

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